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Saturday, April 27, 2013


I could write a book about my somewhat tragic life
How I found my savior and then became his wife
So many of us have felt the sting of living
I would rather dance poetically of winning
I decided to let it all go a long time ago

To take my stance and dodge each blow
God helps those who help themselves
He gave us tools in arming ourselves
The thing is, some people would rather lie in self pity
They love the attention from the "sorry" committee
But I love the honor of climbing out of a pit
The strength of stepping around all the shit
I don't need a cheering corner to keep me going
Nor will I allow haters to be the cause of me plateauing
I am Valiant in all my deeds
Me, Myself and I are all I need
My husband Glenn taught me that
It was me...that caused me to lack
We can either live or murder our minds
Only the strong shall survive in these times...


  1. I love the phrase, "I am Valiant in all my deeds."

    We can let the pain define us, or we can use it to become stronger.

  2. Yes it takes more energy waddling in it than learning and building from it. Too much life to live and things to see and do. Life is beautiful.