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Friday, May 10, 2013

I sit and wonder...

Do u ever sit and wonder why 'All dogs go to heaven'? I mean...that dog chased and bit me when I was about eleven.
Hmm, why is he so innocent and get a pass? In my eyes, that dog ain't nothing but pure D trash.
I also sit and wonder why people let this 'Toy' have a 'Story'. Now he's walking around without a soul in all his glory.
I have all these twisted poems and a crazy imagination. When will they read my thoughts across this blinded nation?
Don't tell me about 'The Facts of Life'! Telling me I always complain and I'm full of strife!
I just want my chance to be seen but not by my gender or race, but as an outstanding novelist that is peculiar in this place.
I will continue to write until my knuckles twist with shame. 'The Hunger' for this 'Game' is not in vain!

Saturday, April 27, 2013


I could write a book about my somewhat tragic life
How I found my savior and then became his wife
So many of us have felt the sting of living
I would rather dance poetically of winning
I decided to let it all go a long time ago

To take my stance and dodge each blow
God helps those who help themselves
He gave us tools in arming ourselves
The thing is, some people would rather lie in self pity
They love the attention from the "sorry" committee
But I love the honor of climbing out of a pit
The strength of stepping around all the shit
I don't need a cheering corner to keep me going
Nor will I allow haters to be the cause of me plateauing
I am Valiant in all my deeds
Me, Myself and I are all I need
My husband Glenn taught me that
It was me...that caused me to lack
We can either live or murder our minds
Only the strong shall survive in these times...

Friday, April 26, 2013

My world

I've been writing and editing most of the day.

I'm focused because it matters...
I can no longer wear my reading glasses.

Frustrated, because I am not only creating this world but I see it... Im living it the whole time I write. I feel their pain, anquish...fear

In this one is safe. Nobody is guaranteed to survive. There is no ultimate hero.

Who will live? Who is the enemy?

My safe haven

My mind is a locked safe, a beautiful powerful place.
A flow of creative information. My safe haven.
It can never be disturbed or taken, not even shaken.
It is my dedication. My dwelling of pure imagination
The movement of life, a bottomless well of might
My mind is a locked safe, the existence of a powerful place....

Thursday, April 25, 2013

My cracks are filled...

When I hear you speak, I can hear no one else...just you
The sound of your voice lifts me, takes me, draws me into you
You are my eradicator, my peace maker, my rejuvenator
You are my Joy
I am removed from this barren place to that place...with you
And in that place... is where you make pure love to my soul
You strengthen my movement of life and faithfulness
You are my Substance
When you enter my presence...I am united in Matrimony
I say...I you... because you connect me, fit me
You are my Partner
Do you know how powerful you are when I hear you?
Do you feel me become enlightened when you speak to me?
Do you hear my soul weep with Joy because you healed me?
I love you...My dear Violin...You are my savior.
My cracks are filled....

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The real Real Housewives of Officers...Real recognizes real

This "skit" is just for fun reading. This is not the real world of Officer Wives but watching TV with all these ridiculous Housewives shows, I decided to make my own. I love making up worlds so I hope those who are Officer Wives don't take it seriously as a slap in your face. I am also one and love making fun of myself. Now comma please if you don't like it keep your comments to yourself and just exist stage up off my page because this is the mind of Valontine working her magic!
This skit is dedicated to my friend Lisa. She loves to laugh...Her you go!

Mary: The wife of a LT COl
Angelina: The wife of a Major
Annette: The wife of a Capt.
John: The husband of a  1st LT
Booquesha: The wife of 2nd LT

Mary: Is that a new wife over there? *In her half English accent mixed with Alabama accent...She's actually from the sticks of Ala.*
Angelina: I think so. Hubbie told me a new LT was just assigned to his unit *looking the newbie up and down and then sideways*
Annette: I wonder where she gets her sense of fashion. A loud pink shirt and purple Knickerbocker's are a fashion NOOO! *twisting her lips and staring as the new girl walks over*
John: are you? I'm John and theses felines *ahem* beautiful women are Mary, Angelina, and Annette.
*Everyone is now staring at John, who gives them a closed eye bow and smiles*
Mary: Hello I'm Mary...My husband is LT COL Suchamuch...*Trying so hard to sound astute that her lips are twisting*
Booquesha: Hey...How y'all...*Looking at all of them up and down and knowing they were just discussing her* I'm Booquesha. *thinking to herself* These heffas dress like Generic Queens.
Angelina: Boo who? Are you from the Jamaica? What origin is that from?
Booquesha: Ummm that's my name Lady! I ain't from no Jamaica and ain't neva been! Y'all bout to be doing too much for me.*rolling her eyes at all of them* My husband, 2nd LT bunchamunch, said to play nice with y'all so Imma behave today. He rolling with them bars* touching both shoulders and dipping as she said it* and all y'all better recognize the rank!
Mary: Sweetie... all of our spouses out rank yours. *crickets crickets crickets*
Booquesha: *Eyes wide now feeling the heat on her neck* What yall bishes eating for lurnch! I'm too hungry, ain't y'all? *Her mouth sitting wide open waiting on a response...from at least one of em...she was praying to herself that God break the awkwardness*
John: *snickering now* Yeah lets hit this McDonald's up just to save face in case it gets real. That way we don't have to worry who saw us as we're running to car.
Annette: I can't do this...* Shaking her head*
Booquesha: Ewww I love Micky D's...Y'all ready? She getting a numba 7 with the works hunny chile! *referring to herself in 3rd person, walking off switching as her heel breaks off.  She picks it up and keep going*
John: *Talking to Mary* Looks like you have an etiquette's class to teach. *Laughing and walking off*

A day in his shoes

She looked into is his now fading eyes, angry but sad he was leaving
His breath shallow and faint, like thin thread in a blanket weaving
That's what she saw as she had no mercy on  his dying shell
She wished he had been there more for her, as she wished him to Hell
Seeing no sympathy in her eyes, he reached for her well manicure hands
She felt her soul jolt as she left her body, going into a deep trance
She saw the pain he endured, the abuse, the unwanted feeling he felt
She saw all the years of his sad life and the emptiness his soul held
Then she saw the love he had for her when she came into this world
The way he smiled at her the when she played, sang and twirled
Suddenly, he dropped her hand, closed his eyes and whispered,"sorry"
Her heart broke into a million pieces, seeing his life stolen like arm robbery
Gone and forgotten by many, his soul didn't have a chance at first in her eyes
Until she walked a day in his shoes and now he was peaceful enough to rise
He rose to his new beginning, with no ill feeling towards his hurt daughter
He hoped she could live a better life now with no poisonous feelings to hurt her
She looked towards the Heavens and saw him take flight as he smiled down
Uplifted she felt that he was gone but not forgotten; they were both at peace now